Olympus Village

Olympus Village is a small town created for Demi-gods, mythical creatures and their families to live peacefully. The Town is protected by mystical wards, although that's not to say that it's impossible for the enemies to break in. The town is home to both Roman and Greek Demi-gods, and there are many different events such as war-games that happen often in order to increase one's natural talents. .: This is a Percy-Jackson/Ancient Mythology based Role Play. It is unnecessary to have read/watched the Percy Jackson series unless you are applying for a role from the book. This is slightly AU, as in Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter do not exist, but there are war games etc in the village :.  Demi-gods looking

Armory - This is probably where the Ares kids like to hang out the most. It’s always fully stocked with weapons, armour, shields etc. Anyone who misbehaves will become very familiar with this place, as cleaning here is a favourite for punishments.

Bathhouse - Bath houses were popular in Ancient Rome, and they’re popular in Olympus Village now. Even if you’re a Greek, you can still enjoy this part of town. Please note that there’s a boy’s bathhouse and a girl’s bathhouse. If you’re caught doing co-ed 'bathing' then get ready to be in big trouble.

Colosseum - This is where all the fun happens. From Chariot races to Gladiator tournaments to theatre performances. If you’re bored (or even a little bloodthirsty) this is the place to be. Warning: Competitors enter at own risk.

Field of Ares - This is the battlefield for some war games and sparring. The North side of the field is marked off with yellow paint. If you cross into there - you’re in Hephaestus booby trap zone. Watch out!

Forest of Athena - This is where capture the flag and other games happen. A saltwater river runs through the middle. This area is inhabited by nymphs, satyrs, dryads and other woodland creatures, so it’s out of bounds except for when the games are officially running.

Forge - This is the place where the Hephaestus kids have free roam. It’s equipped with all kinds of equipment - from ancient style machines to modern day gadgets. 

Rock Climbing - Rock climbing builds your muscles, ability to strategies routes and various other demi-god attributes. Safety ropes are optional and beware of the random lava spurts or things will get hot. Use at your own risk and try to have some nectar or ambrosia close by.

Forum - The forum, is surrounded by the marketplace and is home to the ins and outs of demi-god politics. Got an issue? Take it up with the Forum. 

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